Some Conditions We  Can Compound for:


​    Behavioral Issues: Separation Anxiety, Thunderstorms, etc.

​    Seizures

​    Foot Toughener

​    Urinary Incontinence

​    Acral Lick Granuloma

​    Otitis

    Poison Control


    Motion Sickness


​    Behavioral Issues:  Urine Spraying



​    Chronic Renal Failure

​    GI

​    Cardiovascular

​    Hyperthyroidism

​    Feline Herpesvirus Infection


    Cushing-Like Disease

    Fly Spray


    Hoof Rot



    Fungal Eye Infection


    Standing Sedation

​ These are just some of the conditions we can create compounds for.   

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Pet Meds


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We love our pets which is why we enjoy working with veterinarians to fill pet med prescriptions.  We know that medicating your pets can be difficult at times and create stress for both you and your pet so we strive to make the dosing process as easy as possible. 

All dosage forms do not work for all animals.  For example, cat owners know how difficult it can be to give a pill to a cat.  Instead of a pill, we can make the medication into a liquid form, add flavoring so the cat will like it, or make it into a transdermal gel that you rub onto the cat's ear thus alleviating the stress on you as well as your cat.

Some of the other medications we can compound with a prescription from a veterinarian are:

     Custom strength medications for seizures, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, parasitic infections, appetite stimulation, etc. 

     Low dose, longer acting insulins

     Protective medicated coatings for wounds or stitches (coatings which are difficult to lick off)

     Concentrated solutions for birds & reptiles, matching the dose according to the animal’s size

     Custom shampoo to treat “rain-rot,” a fungal infection in horses

     NSAIDS transdermally to avoid GI tract irritation

This is just a short list of what we can compound in order to help get your pet back to their normal self. 

We also know the importance of using quality chemicals in pet medications so we are very conscientious about the chemicals we use in our compounds. We use an FDA registered American distributor that subjects their chemical lots to 14 checks and analyses prior to being shipped to our pharmacy. These checks include:

  • Nine qualitative and quantitative analyses performed on every chemical lot.
  • Each lot is tested against the certificate of analysis (C of A), including: USP, EP, NF, FCC, ACS and PCCA standards.     
  • After initial testing, all results are reviewed for accuracy by a second QC analyst.
  • Chemicals are tested only by degreed Chemical Analysts.

​​This ensures we receive quality and safe chemicals so we can make your pet quality and safe compounded prescriptions.